Have you been unlucky with IPO Allotments

Vineet Golani


Have you been unlucky with IPO Allotments? We give golden tips to ensure you get the next IPO Allotment of the company that you have been waiting for.

Ensure that you apply at the earliest

There are many times when investors apply for the IPO of a particular company right before the deadline. If the company in question is a promising one with good fundamentals, chances are that it usually gets fully subscribed by the first day itself. By applying on the deadline day, you minimise your chances of getting the shares Allotted to you. Hence we recommend applying at the earliest possible from the day of subscription opening.

Place the lowest bid order

If you don't mind bidding the least quantity, it will surely increase your chances of getting the IPO as big players usually bid in big quantities and companies usually Allot the least bid more easily. Hence you are best off placing an order for the smallest lot.

Apply from as many accounts

Another strategy to increase the odds of you getting the Allotment would be by placing the IPO order of a particular company from as many accounts as possible. However, to note the PAN card of the beneficiary must be different in every account. In simpler terms, if many members in your family have a demat account, ensure that each and every one of them applies from their respective accounts. This will shoot up your odds of getting an IPO Allotment.

Buy the parent company shares

Yes, you read that right. If the IPO that you are applying for has a parent company and you are a shareholder in it, then voila! You have just increased your chances of getting that companys IPO Allotment.

Fill out all the details correctly

Last but not the least make sure that all your credentials are correct and verified when you fill out that IPO application form of the company you’re interested it. It is often observed that the company filing for a IPO may reject your application simply because your details on the form are incorrect. So always ensure that you proof read all details mentioned before you click on the submit button!

Be informed about your allotment status on allotment day

Not sure if you have been allotted shares from the IPO?

Follow the link below that will redirect you to the BSE website, enter your application number and PAN Card details, and you will have access to your Allotment status.

Do not get disheartened if you have not got the Allotment, instead simply follow the tips mentioned above and you will surely get yourself an allotment successfully in the future!