How to Save Money While Travelling

Vineet Golani


How to save your money using the best Travel hacks? We bring the best hacks to the table!

The festive season is near and along with that what comes to mind is holidaying. But often while booking themselves for a refreshing holiday, people find themselves shelling exorbitant amounts of money on their holiday plan. To make the entire process money-saving and simpler, we bring to you a guide on how to plan your holiday well without breaking the bank.

Travel on a Tuesday.

Not only does Traveling on a Tuesday mean you’ll be subject to a smaller crowd, but also it is the best day to Travel in terms of saving money. Let us break it down for you. Airlines often offer lower and more competitive rates to those Traveling on Tuesdays as it is one of the least busy days in terms of people catching flights. Hence Traveling on a Tuesday could be beneficial for you in both ways!

Book Early with Flexible Cancellations

Many people make the mistake of booking flights at the last minute as they are uncertain that they may not be able to do the trip due to a tight schedule, perhaps. Booking last minute is dangerous for your bank balance as there is a surge in rates which will eventually lead you to shell out extra. Hence booking well in advance before your trip with a flexible cancellation may prove to be more feasible.

Get yourself a Tourist Card

Tourist cards often offer attractive rates on Travel by public transport, discounted rates on major attractions of the city, and a host of other benefits too. They are the best way to save money and make the most out of the local places of interest.

Be flexible with your dates

Adapting to this approach will help you in choosing the day with the lowest rates instead of having fixed dates of Travel and paying a higher amount for accommodation.

Eat a king-sized breakfast

Various hotels nowadays offer breakfast free with your room booking, the latter offers it at a marginal price increase. Eating a heavy breakfast could help you in skipping your lunch meal altogether, resulting in huge savings on your lunch meal!

Search the web for the best deal

Avoid depending on your Travel agent solely. There are often hidden charges included where Travel agents are concerned. Searching the web for your preferred stay will provide you with competitive results in terms of pricing from various companies. You can also look out for companies providing coupons on the web for additional discounts! One such website that we found very useful was

Use a Credit Card that rewards you for Travel

Using a Travel-associated Credit Card that rewards you with extra points and exciting discounts when you book flights and hotels is a must. If you accumulate enough points you could even avail a free flight! If you need to know about the type of Credit Card you should apply for, you should click on the link below to read our blog about the various types of Credit Cards available as of today

Avail Insurance Cover for your trip

Purchasing an insurance cover for your entire trip will ensure that you are covered against any unexpected emergencies or accidents. These insurance policies come in nominal amounts and will save you from huge expenses incurred on hospitalization etc.