Health insurance

Protect your family's savings from medical emergencies

Access to best healthcare for you & your family

Assured timely finance during medical emergencies

Helps avail cashless treatments in leading hospitals

Preventive care with free annual health check-ups

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance protects you from unexpected, high medical costs. In case you or any family members covered under the policy is hospitalized, Health Insurance company will pay for the hospital expenses up to the cover amount (called sum insured) you have selected.

The medical expenses include room rent charges, doctor‘s consultation fees, surgery fees, nursing fees, cost of medicines, X-rays, ECG, MRI, Blood, Oxygen, etc. incurred during hospitalization of 24 hours or more.

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Health insurance benefits

Covers your hospital bills

Get cashless claims in Network hospitals. Or reimburse hospitals bills incurred at non-network hospitals in times of health emergencies.

Tax savings of up to ₹15,600

Health care plans provide tax benefit. Save up to ₹15,600 by buying Health Insurance for Family as well as Parents.

Free Periodic health check-ups

With Health Insurance Policy, save big on your preventive health check-up costs year on year.

Covers Pre & Post hospitalization expenses

Apart from inpatient treatment costs, Health Insurance also pays for expenses upto 30-60 days, even before and after your hospital stay.

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Fast, easy & paperless

Fast, easy & paperless

Instant tax proof

Instant tax proof

Complete assistance for purchase & claims

Complete assistance for purchase & claims

One click payment via EasyPay

One click payment via EasyPay

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Myths about Health Insurance


Health insurance is costly, I don't need it

Earlier you buy, the lower it costs and increases coverage for most diseases. Pre-existing diseases & other lifestyle diseases get covered faster if you buy early.


Emergencies come with prior announcements

Health emergencies often come without forewarning. Health insurance ensures quality healthcare when you most need it.


Young & Healthy people don't need Health Insurance

Diseases dont't look at your age or how healthy you are before hitting you. Get Health insurance & better be prepared for all eventualities.


Employer provided Health Cover Is Sufficient

Employer group may not cover all hospitalization costs. There are lots of exclusions, sub-limits and other charges which require you to share hospital bills upto 20-30%


Smokers are not eligible for health insurance

Health insurers do cover smokers. Smoking itself does not lead to policy rejection unless you smoke more than 20 cigarettes/day.


Existing diseases are covered right after purchase

Time-limits called 'waiting periods' under health policy allow hospitalization claims only after the first 30 days and after 2-4 years for any existibng diseases and surgeries.

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